Perimeter Alarm for Security Areas

Varya Perimeter® is a system for fence guarding using our own special active RFID acceleration detectors mounted at fences and gates. Varya Perimeter® is suitable for all types of fences and gates.

The artificial intelligence of the system ensures very high resistance against interferences or weather conditions.

People Monitoring RFID based

Wireless system for monitoring of work safety, people who are working at the hazardous workplaces with use of active RFID tags and detectors.

RTLS monitoring of movement and the presence of people at their working areas. Direct connection of the system to a control room of the „Localization and Emergency Service“.
RFID Positioning check if the guards patrol properly.

GPS Tracking of Vehicles

We provide a complex management and process optimization system for companies wishing to monitoring their employees and when GPS positioning is the key functionality.

The structure of the system allows our Clients to choose from a variety of modules having specific functionalities and meeting the specific requirements and business needs of the company.

Quality Made in Europe

Because we care about quality our hardware is fully made in the European Union.
It is prepared to work even in the toughest weather conditions.
Our products fulfil the IP68 norm.

Our own developed software meets standards of modern and secure applications
and is based on our patented algorithms.

Advantages of our system

Patented unique wireless RFID perimetric system
Security Certificate of the  Level 4
Very easy installation without wiring and earthmoving
Suitable for all fence types. Various types can be combined
No false alarms due to our own patented algorithm
High resistance against any weather conditions
The System supports PTZ Cameras
Usage of RFID to check guard patrols and their position around the perimeter
Whole system is easy to move and modify with any change of fence or area
Capability of sabotage detection even in disarmed mode!
Low costs for installation, maintenance etc.
The technology has a longer overall lifetime than “wired systems”
Patented selftest of all RFID detectors

Areas benefiting of our high-tech wireless alarm systems

Airports, refineries, oil depots and gas stations,
oil and gas pumps, solar power plants, energy companies, power plants,
pharmaceutical plants, factories producing explosives, prisons and banks.

Also areas with the highest degree of confidentiality such as government institutions,
military, areas that have to meet European standards and global shipping companies, car companies, car dealers,
sports centers, parking lots along motorways, private residences, apartments, cars and much more …

New application sectors

Due to close cooperation with the industry we constantly expand our product range by specific solutions.
One new solution for example is monitoring the work rolls at industrial conveyor belts, this new technique is freely
applicable to mines, steel mills, cement plants, etc.