Anarya® Alarm

The protection of valuable objects for galleries, exhibitions and in your private chambers

Our system wirelessly protects valuable objects against theft.

Usage in Art Galleries (e.g. sculptures, paintings, vases, monitors, electronic gadgets), extensive use in museums, at trade fairs, markets,  automotive exhibitions, hotels and private residences is the best option to keep your valuables safe.

The arrangement of objects and exhibits has no relevance to the functionality of our system as it is completely wireless.

Anarya - vase and app

At a time when the system is armed, any change of position, any smallest movement of protected object will prompt caused an emergency status for the system. In this status the detectors will forward a signal to the installed control units, call the preset on camera, installed software on your computer will transfer and display of events through the 3D Viewer software or as an option, make it visible on your android smartphone.

FLI detector for paints protection

FLI detector is used to protect the paints. A simple, non-invasive detector assembly is placed on the back of the frame. The sensitivity of the detector is configurable by our software with the possibility of setting it to detect not only manipulation by the frame of the paint but even if the paint canvas should be touched.

Anarya - Detector in Object      Anarya - detektor w ramie obrazu ENG

FLO detector to protect the sculptures or gadgets on exhibits in museum, gallery, hotel, trade fare etc. 

FLO detector is used to protect the sculptures, exhibits and various types of valuables, which at the time of exposure required position on a flat surface. Mounting the detector consists of attaching it to the bottom of the sculpture (protected exhibit) using non-invasive double-sided tape, or by inserting into the cavity sculpture in the lower portion thereof.

Then this object puts on a special pad, ensuring that the security procedures, such that do not cause damage to protected works of art.

Anarya - detector under sculpturei

FLA detector for the protection of window grilles

FLA detector protects also your window grilles of any attempt to sawn or break them by 24 hours a day using 3 axis acceleration and electronic gyro detectors.

Even the slightest movement, shock, vibration or tilt grating to change lean value on which our detector is mounted, leads to triggering an alarm. RFID detectors must be within radio monitoring unit FLM and thus does not require any wiring or power supply – we are using long-life batteries which can be changed with easy by the user itself.

Anarya - detector on window grille


Gallery Anarya® system software allows you on-line guarding and monitoring protected objects in your area as individually prepared 2D visualisation. Objects can be easy imported as PNG files into the system.

When the alarm is triggered as a result of a sabotage on protected object, optionally installed PZT cameras hovers on the location of the incident. This is possible due to logical camera presets associated with a particular detector FLI, FLO or FLA.

Anarya - placing of detectors


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