GPS Monitoring

PRO-ALARM and his partners provide a complex management and process optimization system for companies wishing to monitoring their employees and when GPS positioning is the key functionality.

Modular System

The structure of the system allows our Clients to choose from a variety of modules having specific functionalities and meeting the specific requirements and business needs of the company. Each module can work independently or as an integrated PRO-ALARM system, the main goal of which is to:

  • support management processes
  • optimization of a vehicle fleet maintenance costs
  • increase the quality of customer support
  • manage teams of mobile employees working in the field
  • monitoring individuals, offenders, prisoners
  • monitoring of big quantity of people during special events in dedicated areas

 Installation Modes

Why choose GPS Monitoring?

Showing of the real time tracking

  • Security department sees the real tracking
  • Data transfer can be settled from 1 sec to 1 hour
  • Recall of history of real time tracking

Precise GPS tracking

  • Location read even every two seconds
  • Read every 20 seconds and every 200 meters as standard
  • We „do not cut corners” – location read after every turn (20)

Analyses of individual’s behaviour

  • Data analysys according to complex algorithm
  • Prevention of unwanted individual’s migration
  • Increases safety of the area

Driving style analyser

  • Data from the CAN bus and a complex algorithm
  • Eco Driving Mode
  • Reduced fleet exploitation costs
  • Increased driving safety

Control over fuel consumption

  • Fuel probes, CAS bus, fuel float
  • Compensatory fuel algorithm
  • Precise settling of private kilometres
  • Fuel theft prevention
  • Integration with mobile and container fuel stations

Application that is alive

  • We ensure constant development of the system
  • Over 800 highly-skilled developers
  • 12 updates per year
  • Solutions implemented to satisfy specific needs of our Clients

Our locators do not make you dependant

  • Locators from esteemed manufacturers
  • High quality of the devices which are used by a broad group of consumers
  • Devices compatible with any vehicle positioning system
  • Clients can change the software provider and keep the devices

What is Electronic Monitoring?

Electronic Monitoring is an electronic surveillance system that is present in the legal systems of many countries, enabling the serving of sentences that deprive or restrict liberty without the need for prison or special services.

The necessity to serve sentences involving absolute prison isolation, with all its resulting problems, has been replaced by the possibility of serving the sentence at home or in another location specified by the court.

Equipment for Electronic Monitoring

The system is based on the correlation of electronic devices and specialized software using secure encrypted communication.

For monitoring of individuals we offer GPS devices either with the highest secure military level, certified by Ministry of Justice, the very high class and reliable devices or budget solutions for monitoring of big quantity of people with basic options according to any customer wishes.

Each project needs to be planed very carefully and in the end result give the customer full satisfaction for long term co-operation.


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