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Merya® Monitoring

RFID Monitoring of people working in hazardous workplaces

Also available for environments with explosion danger areas (EX).
RTLS monitoring of movement and the presence of people at their working areas.
Direct connection of the system to a control room of the „Localization and Emergency Service“.
RFID Positioning check if the guards patrol properly.

About the system

Merya® RTLS is a wireless system for monitoring of work safety, people who are working at the hazardous workplaces with use of active RFID tags and detectors. These personal RFID tags have sensors to detect wether a person is changing its position or is immobile (loss of consciousness etc). The system can be connected to the central Localization and Emergency Service, of course if one exists in your country.

The monitoring can be done in several rooms of the building and also on the outside. The system displays the position of all individuals on-line or historically from the record and they can be seen above the ground plan of the building in the 3D graphical software as icons with the corresponding names. The accuracy of the monitoring depends on the density of the RTLS detectors. Merya® RTLS can be also used to monitor if guards are patrolling properly.

Merya - The ground plan of the detection of the presence and hazardous states of the people in the industrial hall

Monitoring of the people working at hazardous workplaces

Merya® RTLS system is suitable for hazardous workplaces or for the environments with explosion danger areas (EX) like ironworks, foundries, hardening, freezer rooms, night “single-operations”.

The RTLS detectors can be placed directly at the workplace, at a working machine or within areas, where detection and localisation of people is required. It is also possible to integrate wireless detectors of dangerous gases within the Merya RTLS system.

Merya - The ground plan disposition

Monitoring of people in administrative buildings

The personal tags RLK are mainly used for monitoring in office buildings.

The system records movement and positions of individuals including the detection of their prolonged immobility and whether they are authorised or unauthorised to be in the certain areas. RTLS detectors can be placed on ceilings of rooms (office buildings provide a great advantage with their suspended ceilings, where detectors can be nicely hidden).

The architecture of the system and the monitoring is the same as for the personal tags RLH. The advantage of Merya RTLS is the possibility to monitor a whole object with use of a graphical SW interface Viewer in 2D. It is possible to create a 3D model of the object from imported ground plans.

Personal tag RLK


The RLK tag can be worn on a string around the neck, within clothes or at a keyring. The system can detect wether someone has put down the tag for a longer period of time. The range is approximately 50 meters to the closest monitoring unit or approximately 30 meters to the closest RLS detector. The battery lifetime is approximately 18 months with a 3 sec transmission period.

Screenshot of the visualisation software Viewer 2D

Screenshot of the visualisation software Viewer 2D

Automatic logging history of selected person

The history listing of the movement of Eric Clapton from 15th March 2011


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