Varya Perimeter®

Wireless perimeter protection for all types of fences, walls and gates with active RFID technology

Our unique wireless RFID perimetric system guards fences and gates.
PTZ cameras turn to and record any breached perimeter with a +/- 3m accuracy.
Option to use RFID to check guard patrols and their position around the perimeter.
Option to use RFID to secure the safety of objects inside the perimeter.
The whole system is easy to move and modify, if the need arises to widen or move the perimeter.

Advantages of the Varya Perimeter® system

  • Patented unique wireless RFID perimetric system
  • Security Certificate of Level 4
  • Very easy installation without wiring, no earthmoving needed
  • Suitable for all fence types. Various types can be combined
  • Continuous check of the fence with no false alarms due to our own patented algorithm
  • High resistance against any weather conditions
  • The system supports PTZ Cameras that turn to an area where the perimeter has been breached
  • Usage of RFID to check guard patrols and their position around the perimeter
  • Whole system is easy to move and modify, if the need arises to widen or move the perimeter to a new place
  • Capability of sabotage detection even in disarmed mode!
  • With our RFID System objects or valuables can be secured inside the perimeter
  • Low costs for installation, maintenance etc.
  • The technology has a longer overall lifetime than “wired systems”
  • Patented Selftest of all RFID detectors

Description of the Varya Perimeter® system

Varya Perimeter® is a system for fence guarding using our own special active RFID acceleration detectors mounted at fences and gates. Varya Perimeter® is suitable for all types of fences and gates.

The artificial intelligence of the system ensures very high resistance against interferences or weather conditions. The system automatically controls the functionality of all sensors and RFID detectors, measures the mechanical and kinetic quality of the fence and performs SW calibrations. The system can detect if anyone tries to remove the detectors, cut the fence open or alter the whole perimeter in any way.

The installation of the system is quick and easy and is almost maintenance free. Batteries inside of the detectors can be easily replaced by the customer if the need arises. Batterie lifetime is approximately 8 years. The overall lifetime of the detectors is much longer than any of its cable based competitors or “conventional systems”.

Varya Perimeter® can communicate with all types of electronic security systems (ESS) and almost all types of industrial PTZ cameras. The PTZ cameras are guided to the place of the intrusion by our system. (Know-how of our technology is signed for the international patent of the invention.)

Varya - example of the usage of the RFID perimetric system Varya Perimeter

Varya Perimeter® system principle and intruder detection

RFID acceleration detectors FLA are easily mounted to a fence and/or gates.

The sensors use a 3-axis acceleration chip to detect just the slightest movement of the fence, which are caused by the intruder while climbing or cutting. The FLA detectors communicate with each other on the basis of “token passing”. That means that the information about alarms, wind strength, sabotages, technical status, etc. are wirelessly transferred from one detector to another.

All these events are being reported to the FLU Central Unit. The communications between the FLA Detectors is performed every 3 seconds. In the rare case that one detector in the whole chain is faulty the chain of communication while not break but will simply jump to the next functioning detector. The faulty detector is reported and flagged for repair or exchange.

Varya Perimeter® can trigger a sabotage alarm when an intruder tries to alter a detector or destroy the fencing in any way. The FLU Central Unit, which has direct control over the PTZ Cameras, passes all information on to the supervising electronic security system (ESS).

Varya - The principle of detecting intruders and jumping

How the detection of weather and other external factors are taken into account

Our systems artificial intelligence has eliminated any false alarms that are being caused by external factors such as wind, rain, storms or close traffic.

Varya - Detection principle of the climatic influences

Intelligent measurement of the fence – no false alarms!

Any external physical change to the fence or just a part of it can trigger false alarms within all perimetric systems.

Our system constantly monitors every single change in all parameters 1000 times a second. Each detector will send millions of data samples to the central unit which learns and uses the data to filter out any natural occurrences. As a customer, you have the possibility to remotely monitor the status of each detector and access a day by day statistical analysis of the system.

Every day our laboratories receive huge amounts of data from active systems which then use our patented algorithm to adjust and setup our systems for the customer to cause no false alarms! 

Database software Varya Perimeter®

Example of the Graphical User Interface of the Varya Perimeter® Software(agenda “detectors on-line”):

Varya - Operating screen for the users

Additional object protection as the positive “side effect” of the Varya Perimeter® system

The Varya Perimeter® technology can be also used for the RFID object protection of various types of objects, things, construction sites, cars, covers of the fuel tanks, containers, working machines, cases of the distributors, paintings, artworks, etc.

The guarded objects are equipped by the FLA or FLC detectors and the FLU is connected with the additional FLM units configured in the “object protection” mode. If the desired guarded area is large, it is possible to have up to 16 additional FLM monitoring units in the single system and cover the large area.

In the case, that the system is secured and there is the unauthorized manipulation with the object with the FLA or FLC tag, the alarm is set as in the perimeter protection. The central unit FLU can directly control PTZ cameras or give all information about the system to the supervisor electronic security system (ESS).

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