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 The personal security RLH-EX

RLH tag is suitable for monitoring the position of a person, but it is mainly used for safety detection of people, who are working at hazardous workplaces. It can be attacked to the belt of the pants or it can be tied to the arm.

This tag can detect if a person is lying or its immobility (loss of consciousness, etc.). The RLH tag has an integrated LED and has a speaker which can be used for interactive communication with the guarded person. It is also possible to call for help by pressing the special button on the RLH tag.

The radio range of the RLH tag is up to 100 meters at the clear line of sight to the closest monitoring unit RLM or up to 50 meters to the closest RLS detector.

Marya - detection of the immobility

Functionality of the personal security tag RLH

  • detection if a person is lying
  • for monitoring of  wearer’s position
  • for the workers at the hazardous workplaces
  • detection of the status “falling person”
  • detection of the status “immobile person”
  • communication with the person (speaker)
  • call for the help in need (pressing a button on tag)
  • local indication of the “pre-alarm”
  • robust case suitable for attaching to clothing
  • the battery lifetime is up to 18 months

Functionality of the personal security tag RLH-EX

  • to the environment with explosion danger areas
  • environment zone 1
  • group of  gas explosion -> IIB
  • temperature class < T4 (135°C)
  • tag has a special battery
  • other parameters are the same as at RLH

The modules for the short interruption of arming and alarm indication

There is a special button to disarm the Tag for a short amount of time when needed, e.g Lunch Break etc.

In this case the red button of the RLX-W module should be pressed. The system confirms this request by turning on the red light of the RLX-L module, what means, that the system disarmed this area. In this mode the system does not trigger the alarms in the case, that the tag is not moving, or is in the horizontal position, fell or is out of range of all monitoring units and RLS detectors.

Marya - Functionality of personal tag


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